Thursday, May 28

dreams again.

waking up to an eerily empty house after having a scary dream is not fun. nope. 
a brief synopsis of my dream: I'm at a camp in the country filming a romantic comedy with Vince Vaughn. We (vince vaughn and i) are sharing a cabin with 3 other people on the film crew and we keep on hearing people talk about all the bad/scary things going on in the camp, and we talk about what the director/producers are going to do about it. Vince and I leave the cabin to meet up with my friend Zach (who's directing the movie) at the camp's gym to talk about the scary stuff and the script (that I wrote). But, once we get there, we find a skeleton in the closet that was supposed to have all of the film's props in it. Vince goes off to find a phone to call his mom. And Zach and I decide to go run laps while we wait. I ran 6 laps and then woke up. 
Idk why, but that dream really freaked me out. Good thing I spent the day in the middle of nowhere on a farm with 4 people i was kind of friends with in high school. hah. oh foreshadowing... it didn't help that the guys with us kept on making comments like "i feel like a murderer will jump out of the grass to get us soon." and "we'll be fine in the car unless the bad guy has a hook. Those hooks always penetrate the roof of the car. ALWAYS... so if he's got a hook, we're f**ked." 
it was a lot like that . . . except without the Vince Vaughn, skeletons, movie making and running. 
We did ride horses, touch cows, sheep, herding dogs and barn cats, eat dinner, swim, take a hike to find more animals and watch A River Runs Through It (which none of us liked. At all.) 
I got sunburned though. Not too bad, but sunburned none the less. 
WHY AM I UP SO LATE?! :( it's almost 4:30. w/e it's summer. 

kBai. Kate.

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