Saturday, May 16

Home, and it feels kinda good.

So yes. I made it through my finals ok. Not quite sure how I did on 2 of them, but I know I have solid B's in all but one class, so that's good.
What's not good is the fact that I thought I might have some time to relax and catch up on sleep and be happy it's summer. But alas, my parents had other plans. They won't let me sleep in, are making me drive to Ft. Worth tomorrow, monday and wednesday mornings (it's about an hour and a half away), are pressuring me into getting a job, AND made me a dentist appointment for tuesday - some things you need to know about my dentist - it's the same dentist we've had for 6 years (even though we now live 45 minutes away), and it's nothing against the dentist himself, but, I. HATE. the dentist. seriously.... I always freak out and end up crying my way home. It's super super fun. I'm not scared of my dentist, I just hate going there and can't help but cry every time I leave. It's awkward, and weird, and I don't want to do that again. But the dentist is necessary. So. I'll just have to deal. 
in whiney summation: I don't like that i'm not gonna have time for myself until wednesday. 
My brother is moving to New Zealand at the end of June. I'm excited for him, but home isn't going to be as fun with him gone. I'm trying to convince him to get a YouTube channel to vlog, so me and my family can know what's going on in his life. I'll miss him a lot. :\
I'm happy to be done with finals, and to be home and that it's summer, but I need some me time, dammit. Finals and dead week were very stressful, and I want a break. Nowish. But no break for Kate. :( 
Pretty Pretty [rainy] Rainbows, Kate.

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