Sunday, May 10

I should be studying.

I really should be studying for my final tomorrow, but I have been all day (with the exception of a delightful 15 minutes of, so I figure it's break time, baby. Awesomely, because I've been reading and typing and crying (just a teeny bit) all day, my computer/texting skills have greatly diminished. I've had to re-type several things, and re-text several things to some very confused friends and family members. Good thing I don't proof read my texts... predictive text is not always my friend.
But. That doesn't really have anything to do with why I'm starting to blog, again. It's mostly because I forgot how much I love writing narrative (I'm an anthropology major that's focusing in Paleopathology, so lots of technical writing) and because whenever I'm aware and focused on my thoughts, I think in narrative. 
Another reason, is HayleyGHoover. Seriously. Her blog has inspired me to take writing up again. Annnnd, if next semester goes how I think it will, this will probably end up being my only creative outlet. so. sadface. [i can't do choir OR ballroom next year; and I've been doing both for 3 years now.]
I haven't quite decided how often I'm going to update this, probably whenever I think of something to write. Which, may or may not be once a day, but I'm aiming for at least 2 times a week. 
I'm not sure I want people I know reading this. I'm going to try to be as honest as possible (and keep it entertaining for me) with these. And, honestly, I'm not as truthful as I should be with IRL people. 
so. yes. good first entry.
oh. and happy mother's day. i love my momma. 

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