Sunday, May 10

random things

here's a list of random things I've been thinking about:
1. how difficult paleopathology is going to be
2. that I have to [finish] a paper tomorrow, before 430. and NEED TO REMEMBER TO DO IT
3. how completely made of awesome Dollhouse and Chuck are (I know they are very dissimilar) ... but I'm thinking of them in the same way now because they both might be getting canceled. which is VERY stupid. And the biggest problem is this: I don't watch either of them when they actually air. I had a class during Chuck, and I am a normal teenager and generally go out on friday nights (so no Dollhouse). BUT BUT BUT, if they decide not to kill all of my dreams by canceling the shows, i won't have monday night classes and can make an effort to stay in when Dollhouse is on (and go out after)  next semester. in conclusion, FOX AND NBC. DO NOOOOOOT CANCEL THE SHOWS PLEASE AND THANKS. LOVE, Kate.
4. how incredibly tired I am, and that I promised myself that I'd stop studying at 11 (30 minutes from now.) so I can actually be awake for my 8.30 final tomorrow morning. 
5. how sad I am about missing seeing my mom on mother's day. We did plan ahead, and my family came up last weekend and we "celebrated" mother's day, but it isn't the same. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE my mommy. I'm a momma's girl, always and forever. I'm practically 20 and I still cuddle with my mom. And she wakes me up. And buys me things. And is paying a riddiculous amount of money for my education. And sends me money whenever I ask (which I keep to a minimum, because even if I truly need the money, I feel guilty for having to ask). And is awesome. And works reallly hard. And is awesome. And supports my brother and I's choices in major even though it is highly probable that both of us will be poor for some time. And is taking 2 days off work this week to help me move out. And is super dooper awesome. And I miss her. :(
6. how much facebook has been ticking me off lately. I'm actually on the verge of quitting, it has gotten way to intrusive and pointless. But, I never actually WILL quit facebook because I'm too much of a stalker. :)
7. did I already say how tired I was? oh. ok. 
8. how completely freaked out I am about grades, and "friends", and being so insecure that instead of hanging out with people, I sit in my room and mope about how I feel like I don't really have any friends. 
9. how much I want to see Star Trek, but won't have time to until Tuesday. :(

ok. time for 20 last minutes of studying, then SLEEEEEP.

ps. I need a sign off. . . I'm gonna go with the first thing that comes to mind.
........ pretty pretty rainbows. ya, that'll do.

Pretty Pretty Rainbows, Kate.

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