Tuesday, May 26

So yes.

i am just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. hah. Glee is amazing. 
i do live in a small town. i am a girl. and i am pretty damn lonely. 
right now, more than anything, i want a boyfriendthing (to quote Hayley Hoover). I keep on having dreams involving my guy friends and myself. And we seem to always end up making out. yay for subconscious thoughts. i want to make out with all of my friends. 
Speaking of dreams... my dream last night:
 John Green (of vlogbrothers persuasion), Nathan Fillion (of Firefly, Castle and Captain Hammer persuasion), and Paul Bettany (of Knight's Tale, Match point, and Jennifer Connely's husband) kidnapped me, my roommate and a whole bunch of other girls. They then locked us in a really nice victorian house. Fed us, took care of us, but wouldn't let us out of the house. And there were areas that we were not allowed to go (under threat of punishment). Being my brave dream self; i convinced my roommate to go to that area of the house... and of course, right as we got to that area we ran into one of the other captives (who was naked, and running away from Nathan Fillion) and so the 3 of us hid in the closet. Once we got into the closet thou, the naked girl disappeared, and my roommate started to jingle her keys really loudly. so Nathan found us. and took my roommate and I to see John, who didn't say anything, he just put down his book, took off his glasses and looked disappointed in us (of course... in every dream of mine that John Green has been in he's a teacher/principal type person.) Because I had instigated the sneaking into the forbidden part of the house, Nathan and John agreed to let Kayla go back to our room. Nathan took me away, and as punishment for hiding in the closet, he took me into this massive dark room, and once we reached the middle of the room he gave me this huge bear hug and we apperated (that's fine, dream mind. incorporate all sorts of random crap into my dreams.) into a bar. a naked bar. and the other captive girl (the one from the closet) was there, naked still.* And so was my computer. So, when Nathan wasn't looking, I grabbed my computer, apperated back to the house, grabbed my roommate and apperated back to the bar. and everyone was putting their pants (and only pants) back on.  And then paul bettany came over and licked my face. (turns out my dog was trying to wake me up.) I did wake up when my dog bit my nose thou.
* i'd like to say that i do not often have dreams about naked people. but i was not naked. And everyone that was, well, their ...bits were all covered in some way or another.

great job brain. seriously. i don't even want to BEGIN to analyze what the hell that dream meant. 

blogging at 4 am is probably not the best idea. i have to be up at 930 today. poopy poopy pants.

ok bai. Kate.

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