Thursday, May 14

Bidness, my lady bidness.

Oh Tina Fey, you crack me up. (the title is from the "Woomba" ad from SNL several years ago.)
BUT. Its blog time. ish. My roommate's asleep so I'll have to type quietly. 

Instead of studying like I meant to, last night, I: ate dinner with friends, played in my closet, took some silly pictures... and then spent 3 hours in the boy's hallway in my dorm because we were under tornado warning (yay Oklahoma). 
It was pretty funny/interesting to see the different reactions of the over stressed, sleep deprived students: 
1. bringing a blanket, lying down, and trying to tune out the Tornado Warning alarm that kept going off
2. bringing their computers and futilely trying to get an internet connection (i can BARELY get internet in my room, and we are on a supposedly "completely" wireless campus. I will NOT miss that next year)
2.5 bringing their computers to study (most people did this until their computers died)
3. play guitar (ok, so this was only one guy, but he played the same thing over and over and over for about 2 hours. and he thought he was so cool)
4. try to get internet on their phones
5. stare blankly at the wall in front of them
I participated in 2, 2.5, and 4. 
the Good
only a day and a half until I get to go home, I get to see my mom and brother tonight, I am almost completely packed, and I have an awesome roommate that will sleep through anything, puts up with my crazy, and will be missed greatly this summer. AND! I got all of the stains out of my carpet. :) ANNNNNND!!! I'm getting lunch with a co-worker at Pita Pit (which is my favorite place of all time), then picking up my last paycheck. CHA-CHING. (except not; my paycheck was 48$. for working 8 hours during dead week.)
the Bad: I have 2 finals tomorrow, one at 8am and one at 1.30 pm. And in between those finals, I have to completely move out of my room. weh. 
The carpet in my room is 2 different colors; 
light blue: under the rug, our beds, and where I sprayed resolve yesterday
faded light blue: everywhere else. my goodness girls are dirty hairy things.
The Ugly: I managed to bite my tongue super hard last night. Salt and Vinegar chips at dinner was not helpful.

Pretty Pretty Pretty Rainbows, Kate.

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