Wednesday, March 24


As of this week, i'm about 90% sure that i am Obsessive Compulsive. and while i am not a psychologist, and the same goes for my friends, but they've basically convinced me that i am. Which does not completely surprise me. I've always thought that there was something slightly off with how i think - i'll get words stuck in my head. Or i'll have the urge to touch people's hair (this happens a lot on campus) or pour drinks on things or throw something (on my person) at the person i'm talking to. I've mostly learned to control myself (except when i'm drunk, lol) but i'd never talked to anyone about all of the things that go through my head on a daily basis, and after i did talk to some friends that are psychology minors, they think i'm a little craaazy.
My head hurts. i'm not sure if it's stress, tiredness, change in weather, or something else entirely; but my head hurts like craaaaaaazy. wah. :(

and now i'm about to change the channel because the idea of Cougar Town frightens me, no matter how many times people tell me it's funny. hah. OOOH True Life: I Have Digital Drama. YES.