Saturday, June 13

Nicest Thing

Soooo. I haven't blogggggged in quite some time. Sorry, self. I broke a promise to me. How dare I. But, I have a legitimate excuse for not blogging at all last week: I was in Colorado all week, and made a promise (that I actually kept) to my mom/myself that I wouldn't go on the internet at all while we were in the park in Colorado. 
It was an excellent trip. We hiked mostly, but my brother and I spent a solid day and a half in the craft center in the park; painting, mosaicing, jewelry making. 
It is a bit sad though, it's the last trip we'll be taking as a family for .... the unforseeable future. All because my brother is moving to New Zealand on the 26th. for over a year (he'll miss me turning 21 D: and our cousin's new baby). He's got a visa, and a friend that he's going to live with.
 but that's all. 
It horrifies me to think that he'll be so on his own. I could never do that. As much as I would love to study abroad, I don't think that I'll ever gain the courage to go off on my own, to make new friends, to find a place to live and a job... it completely baffles my mind. He's handling it very well. At the moment I think he's 50% excited and 40% scared and 10% confused. So long as excited stays in the top spot he'll do fine. 
Enough of that though.
I cannot get this song out of my head. I think it's part of the reason (along with a deep seeded desire that i've had for the past 10 years) why I'm asking my parents to get me a cello for my birthday. Which is next Sunday. And Father's Day. 
Boo hiss. 
Not to father's day, but to my birthday. [ there is a bit of a selfish twinge in me that groans every time I have to share my special day with someone else...]
Turning 20. 
A tad bit scared of not being a teenager anymore. I kinda feel like I'll have to change my attitude  to most everything in my life. I am the baby of my family, and I still act it, mostly. It doesn't really help that my mom keeps on absentmindedly telling me she wishes I was 18 so I could work at a restaurant. heh. 
it's  almost 5 AM and I spent all day ...yesterday in a car. so this most likely will not make much sense. and i'm sleepy. so i'll post this now, and edit more throughly tomorrow. sometime. :)


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